Grants Received

Scheme Name of the coordinator Amt. Sancti-oned Sanctioned letter details Funds Utilization position as on today Utilization Certificate details/Reason for non-submission of UC
AICTE Dr. Vinod Waiker 10.20 L 9-154/ RIFD/ MODROB /Policy-1/2016-17 2017-18 Progress Report Submitted
ICSSR Dr. Vaishali Rahate & Ms. Parvin Shaikh    10.00 L 02/258/2015-16/ICSSR/RP 2016-18 UC Submitted
RPS Dr.Shiney Chib 4.1L 8023/RID/RPS-24/2011-12 dated Dec. 9,2011 2011-2012 UC Submitted
SDP Dr. Vaishali Rahate 7.00 L RIFD/SDP/98/2011-12    dated 13-1-2012 Conducted in June 2012 UC Submitted
IIPC Mr. Praveen Dongre 10.00L RIFD/IIPC (15)2010-11   dated 31-3-2011 2010-2011 UC Submitted
EDC Mr. Anirudhha Akarte 6.5L RIFD/EDC(23)/2010-11 2010-2011 UC Submitted
SDP Mr. Sanjay Barai 3.5  L I-78/FD/SDP (48)/09-10 dated 30.2.2009 Conducted in June 2009 UC Submitted